Coronavirus Information & Update 2021

We are still installing boilers throughout lockdown areas safely. Read our coronavirus update here:

** Our COVID-19 policy – Updated for 2021**

We are committed to keeping you warm this winter and keeping the installation ‘contact-free’, we have measures in place so that you and our installers can be the safest from coronavirus.

Even with the strictest lockdown measures in place, you can still have your boiler installed by Easyboilers. 

Guidelines for our installers who will be fitting your new boiler:

  • We have supplied gloves and overshoes to prevent cross-contamination
  • Spray all areas and wipe down where you are working
  • Clean and disinfect vans inside and out.
  • Clean all tools with a disinfectant spray

Please ask all customers to leave you alone in any room you are working in and clean down anything you will be touching.

  • Our installers are told not to accept drinks and food at the installation
  • Clean down big change (mobile tablet) device before and after a visit

If you have any questions please contact us with your query.

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